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Home Automation Systems - China


Why our solution?

Our simple and elegant design system with innovative technology allows you to:
• Set your agreeable mood
• Survey your CCTV cameras
• Control your lighting intensity
• Play your favorite music library
• Save your energy consumption
• Arm/Disarm your intrusion alarm system
• Set your room temperature to a comfortable level
• Close/Open your curtains/shades manually, automatically, by schedule and remotely
   And much much more ... Do all these operations by clicking only one button

Where it is installed:
- Villa Mr. Elie Helou - Jeita
- Villa General Khattar - Bsalim
- Villa Mr. Marwan Khaled - Jezzine
- Appartment Mr. Milad Hachem - Achrafieh
- Appartment Dr. Alfred Amoury - Jbeil
- Appartment Eng. Jean Slim - Jezzine
- Cumberland Insurance - Dbayeh
- SAT 7 - Mansourieh
- Villa Mr. Chady El Helou - Jeita
- Control click - Zouk
​​​​​​​- Villa Mr. Chady Achkar - Jounieh