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13 Dec

RACS5 V2.0 is Now Available 

Discover the powerful enhancements in VISO 2.0.6, shaping a comprehensive and efficient experience for your security and surveillance needs:

Siemens Cerberus Integration (BACnet): Seamlessly integrate with Siemens Cerberus fire alarm system, expanding compatibility and enhancing monitoring capabilities.

VoIP Telephone Systems Integration: Foster better communication with VoIP telephone system integration, ensuring a unified and connected security infrastructure.

BCS Point CCTV Integration: Enhance surveillance with integration with BCS Point CCTV devices, providing a broader scope of monitoring options.

Hanwha Vision CCTV Integration: Elevate your CCTV capabilities with integrated support for Hanwha Vision devices, offering cutting-edge surveillance solutions.

PTZ Camera Support: Enjoy added flexibility with support for PTZ cameras, enabling dynamic control and monitoring capabilities.

Security Scenarios for VISO SMS: Introduce predefined security scenarios in VISO SMS, empowering swift and effective response to potential threats.

Camera Icon Rotation on Maps: Enhance visual representation with camera icon rotation on map levels, providing a more intuitive and customized display.

QR Code Type Factors: Streamline access control with the creation, export, and printing of QR code type factors, simplifying credential management.

Operator Blocking: Improve security measures with operator blocking capabilities, ensuring controlled access to sensitive functionalities.

License Management Notifications: Stay informed with notifications on expiring licenses, enabling proactive management of licensing for uninterrupted service.

These additions and extensions in VISO 2.0.6 reflect our commitment to providing a robust, feature-rich solution tailored to meet the evolving demands of your security infrastructure. Upgrade now for a heightened level of control and efficiency.