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01 Jul

Discover Our New QR Access Terminal 

🌐 Introducing the RACS 5 System Access Terminal: Unleashing Advanced Connectivity and Security!

Discover a new realm of access control with the cutting-edge RACS 5 System Access Terminal. This sleek and compact device redefines security measures, offering a host of features to ensure seamless and robust access management.

🔑 Key Features:

Multi-Card Compatibility: Read MIFARE® Ultralight, Classic, DESFire, and Plus cards, providing unparalleled flexibility in card access options.

Mobile Connectivity: Effortlessly read NFC and BLE mobile identifiers, enabling secure and convenient access using mobile devices.

QR Code Encryption: Decode encrypted QR codes with precision, ensuring heightened security measures for access control.

Barcode Readability: Read both 1D and 2D unencrypted barcodes, expanding compatibility for various identification methods.

Advanced Communication Protocols: Utilize RS485 interface with EPSO 3 protocol for seamless integration with the RACS 5 system. Optionally, choose the RS485 open protocol for enhanced customization.

Outdoor Durability: Engineered for outdoor operations, the RACS 5 System Access Terminal thrives in diverse environments, ensuring reliability in all conditions.

Compact Design: With dimensions of 130.0 x 45.0 x 22.0 mm (height x width x depth), the RACS 5 System Access Terminal combines power and elegance in a compact form factor.

CE Mark: Compliant with CE standards, guaranteeing adherence to European safety and environmental requirements.

🌈 Versatile and Secure Access Control is Here!

Upgrade your access management system with the RACS 5 System Access Terminal, where advanced technology meets sleek design. Elevate your security standards with a device that not only reads a variety of cards but also seamlessly integrates with modern mobile and encryption technologies. Experience access control redefined! 🔒✨